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Praise for Ravensong

Kirt Graves is as outstanding in his performance of this audio as he was in Wolfsong. The cast of hundreds...each has a distinctive voice. I totally forgot that a man narrated the book when a woman spoke, and I loved the pitch, tone, and accent he assigned to Gordo.

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Kirt can handle a large cast of characters and high emotional impact. Kirt is perfection here handling the emotional rollercoaster without sending it over the top. His performance adds perfectly to what Jay had on the page.

Kirt Graves did an outstanding job at narrating this story, making me feel as if I stepped right into the lovely world of Lavender Shores. He has a wonderfully pleasant voice and I loved how he brought alive the characters...

bringing just the right amount of emotion and tension to each scene.

Praise for Straight Boy

Jeff Adams

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Praise for The Garden

Karen M.

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Young Adult, Humorous, Multiple Voices -
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Dialogue between adult male & female, American South Accent -
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Group conversation, includes Standard British -
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Non-fiction, Self-Help/Memoir -
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Middle Grade Fiction, Boy/Girl Conversation -
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